I’m sure we are all concerned about the big gaps our Year 10s may ‘acquire’ in their mathematics knowledge and understanding because of the lockdown. I’m sure we are all worried about the effects this will have on their performance at GCSE next year. We all know that the best way of learning mathematics is doing mathematics, and if our year 10 students aren’t going to fall too far behind when they return in September (according to the government!) they need to be doing regular mathematical practice.

I’ve been producing monthly calendars to promote daily mathematical practice for year 11 students (and am working on a full set of these, which I will hopefully have completed by the end of July) and thought why couldn’t this work with year 10s over the summer holiday. Therefore I have produced calendars for July and August which can be given to Year 10 students and hopefully used to promote this daily practice of key mathematical skills over the summer break.

I’ve produced Higher and Foundation calendars. The solutions will be uploaded when I’ve produced them (hopefully in a week or so). Feel free to download and distribute as widely as you see fit. All I ask is that, if you are able to, please advertise their presence if you feel they are useful!


(Click the link underneath the pictures)


(Click the link underneath the pictures)